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Patients, Therapists across six disciplines and Family Members combine for rehabilitation and long-term management

Bringing Healthcare Together

Neuro ProActive is an online and app-based digital platform which brings together Patients, Therapists across six disciplines and Family Members to co-ordinate neurological rehabilitation and long-term management of neurological conditions. For patients under 18, Parents & Guardians can become members of Neuro ProActive.

Neuro ProActive Explained

Neuro Physios
Speech & Language Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Clinical Psychologists in Neurology
Arts Therapists

What conditions are these?

Broadly speaking Neurological Conditions affect 1 in 6 of the population and are categorised into Acquired (Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Tumours) and Progressive (Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease). There are over 600 types of neurological condition, including Long COVID.

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– just £3 a month

Patients, Parents/Guardians and Therapists pay just £36 for an entire year to be a member of Neuro ProActive, with 14 day free trial. Patients can add up to three Patient Representatives to their rehab team for free! However, if your NHS Trust is a member organisation they can provide you with a membership code enabling free access.

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