Neuro ProActive is the new online and app based rehabilitation platform, replacing Stroke Active in Q1 2021.

Available on Web, Android and iOS, Neuro ProActive is the result of three years research and is suitable for patients with all neurological conditions, both acquired and progressive.

Initially available in the UK only, Neuro ProActive will be rolled out to other countries throughout H2 2020 and 2021. Neuro ProActive is based on fully NHS Digital approved infrastructure and will be registered as a class I medical device on launch. Designed to enable a fully multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation, Therapists can utilise our end-to-end encrypted messaging and video calling to offer remote services and patient monitoring.

We utilise cloud storage to allow AHPs to upload PDFs, Videos, Photos and Audio files. These files can be shared with other AHPs in that organisation and assigned to individual steps within the Patient’s rehabilitation program. Seven NHS Trusts will adopt Neuro ProActive at launch.